This course is designed to aide a Level III student in reviewing material presented in previous levels. This course will assist the student to prepare for NOCTI and their Clinical Medical Assistant Certification. Included are interactive study material, quizzes, exams, and helpful tools to prepare for success.

A&P I is an introductory course that covers the structures and functions of the human body. A&P I focuses on the basics of the human body from cellular level to the body as a whole. Students will begin to understand various systems and how those systems work.

Introduction to health care prepares students to explore the foundations of medicine and prepare them for a career in health care, specifically medical assisting. Students will be exposed to various other career choices in health care. The course will introduce them to professional skills needed to be a successful member of a health care team.

Medical office administration will prepare the medical assistant student to perform skills related to the front office, primarily in a doctor's office. Skills will include professional appearance and behaviors needed to work as a front office medical assistant. An overview of the skills to be covered are, taking a telephone message, triage of calls, scheduling, electronic medical record, financial operations, billing, and coding.